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All of these Consular Fees have been stipulated by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Mexico and are subject to change

Consular Fees


   Consular Fee

For Mexican Citizens Only:
  Mexican 5-year-expiration passport  $ 84.00 USD
  Mexican 1-year-expiration passport  $ 32.00 USD
  Mexican Consular Identification Card  $ 27.00 USD
  Duplicate for Military SMN Carnet (cartilla)  $ 11.00 USD
  Correction for Military SMN Carnet (cartilla)  $ 11.00 USD
  OP-7  Free of Charge
  Birth Registration and Certificate  Free of Charge
  Certified Copies of Bith Certificate  $ 13.00 USD
  Marriage License and Certificate  $ 43.00 USD
  Certified copy of Marriage Certificate  $ 13.00 USD
  House Holding  $ 95.00 USD
  Open Public Will  $ 294.00 USD
  Closed Public Will  $ 40.00 USD
  Transfer of Written Wills to the Central
 $ 147.00 USD

For Mexican Citizens and Other nationalities other than Mexican
  Permit to import controlled substances into Mexico  $ 62.00 USD
  Visa for Chemical Analysis  $ 43.00 USD
  Personal Powers of Attorney  $ 115.00 USD *
  Powers of Attorney for Corporations  $ 173.00 USD *

For nationalities other than Mexican:
  Consular Visa Fee  $ 36.00 USD
  Affidavit of Reentry Permit  issued by the US Department of Justice
  (For refugees and stateless residents of the US holding a blue travel document)
 $ 62.00 USD
  FM3 (Non-profitable activities
        i.e.: Student Visa in Mexico)
 $ 98.00 USD
  FM3 (Profitable activities 
        i.e.: Working Visa in Mexico)
 $ 159.00 USD
  FM2 (For immigrants only)  $ 211.00 USD
  House Holding for all nationalities
  other than Mexican
 $ 127.00 USD