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  Birth Registration for
       Mexican Nationals

  Marriage of Mexican
       husband and wife

  Import of Household
      Goods for Mexican Nationals

  Pension Collection 

  Permit for Import
      of Controlled Substances

Pension Collection

The Consulate General of Mexico in New York though its Civil Registrar's Office for Vital Records will issue the document called "Revista de Supervivencia" and pay pension benefits from Mexican Social Security institutions to those retired citizens residing in the juristiction of the Consulate General.

Pensions from IMSS, ISSSTE, ISSFAM and CAPTRALIR can be collected after complying with the requirements listed in the following information page (Spanish)
Revista de Supervivencia

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If you obtained a passport, voter's card or naturalization certificate from the United States or another country before March 1998, you will need to obtain a Declaration of Mexican Citizenship.