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Import of Household Goods for Mexican Nationals

A permit for the Import of Household Goods enables Mexican nationals relocating to Mexico to bring goods acquired in the United States without paying taxes.

The requirements to obtain this permit are:

To be a Mexican citizen living in the United States for at least 2 years, or one if in the United States to study
To have established residency within the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Mexico in New York

To submit the application for
Import of Household Goods :
You can download the Application Form in Spanish, available in the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® Portable Document Format (PDF). This format will allow you to view and print the forms in their original size. If you don't have the Acrobat® Reader® software installed in your computer,  you can download it for free from the Adobe® Website. Please double-click on the icon.

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to start downloading the application.

You wil be required to present the following documents in original and 5 photocopies:
Mexican passport (make copies of the pages containing holder's information and photograph,
Or an original birth certificate (if issued in the United States, with the proper apostille) and an official photo ID
Proof of studies coursed in the United States or labor in the USA (in company letterhead)
US Visa, or Permanent Resident card (green card) or US passport
Lease or contract for the place of residence while in the United States
Three utility bills per year (one per year quarter) of at least 2 services (Telephone, electricity, cable) corresponding to the last 2 years of residence in the USA.
Note that the address must match that of the lease
List of the articles to be imported into Mexico, with the applicant's name on the header
- The list must be typewritten or printed in Spanish, detailing one article per row.
- Specify brand, model and serial number for only major home appliances.
(For a sample of an acceptable list,
click here )
Payment of Consular Fee
   (click here to consult fees for this and other documents)

The permit will be granted once per family, and must also comply with the following:
Be formed by used clothing and household applicances
The permit will not include vehicles
Major appliances may not be duplicated (i.e., permit will cover only one refrigerator)
Permit will not apply to foods or beverages or new appliances

Following imports will require an authorization from the Secretary of Treasury of Mexico.

Definite import of household goods will be subject to the approval of the customs authorities of Mexico. For more information, please contact:
The Federation of Associated Customs Agents (CAAAREM)
Hamburgo #225, Col Juárez C.P. 06600
Tel: (5)533-0075 through 77 Fax: (5)525-8070
Mexico City, D.F.
Or click here to visit their website

For appointments to submit your application, please call 212.217.6445, from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

For further information, e-mail us, at: