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Any person interested in granting a power of attorney, must fill out an application click here and present original and copy of the following documents: 


If you wish to grant a power of attorney for the administration of a property or for the acquisition or selling of properties located in Mexico, you must present certified copy of the certificate of marriage, in its case

Brief description of the subject-matter for which the power of attorney is to be granted, preferably, in writing.

In case the person granting the power of attorney is not familiar with the Spanish language, he shall be accompanied by his own interpreter who speaks and understands Spanish, and the translator shall present also copy of his/her passport.

Once you have all the above mentioned documents, please call (212) 217 6477 or (212) 217 6419, to make and appointment, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Please consider the appointment shall be granted according to the availability.

If you wish to revoke a power of attorney previously granted before a Mexican Consul or before a Mexican Notary Public, besides the above mentioned documents, you should also present copy of the power of attorney to be revoked. 

In your appointment, you will be informed the date you must personally appear before the Mexican Consulate, to sign and receive the corresponding public deed. 

The fees for granting or revoking a power of attorney are listed on the following page click here **
** Please note that these amounts shall be paid in advance, in cash or by a money order issued in favor of the General Consulate of Mexico.

The Legal Department for Powers of Attorney and Notary Public Acts offers service to Mexican citizens and foreign citizens. For information in Spanish regarding our consular services, click here.